About Us

Every Child Deserves To Have FUN!

Zero2Six Mandarin GalleryIn an age where digital products are increasingly encroaching into a child’s playtime and development, we believe that playing with traditional toys is still the best form of learning for every child!


Thus, Zero2Six was launched in 2010 by a concerned mother with a single vision – to bring in award winning traditional toys that are unique, educational, eco-friendly and most importantly, FUN!

Traditional toys open up a world of possibilities through imaginative play, and encourage positive interactions between parent and child. We believe that every child has a story to tell and, with our toys, these stories come to life!

Zero2Six toys are sourced from premium toymakers in Europe and USA that have passed the highest safety standard tests worldwide and made with the finest natural materials. Exceptional in quality and educational value, our toys are made from some of the world’s oldest toymakers   who still believe that a handmade toy is a craft, and not a commercialized product.

Zero2Six – because every child deserves to have FUN!